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Reef Teach Group Talks

A truly unique experience and opportunity to learn more about the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants directly from the Marine Biologists and Researchers in the water.

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Your Reef Adventure Begins Here

Whether you are organising a tourist group, corporate or employee event or launching a marine conservation or bio-diversity brand a Reef Teach GBR talk will not only entertain, inform and educate your participants but make your event the most memorable and talked about (tweeted & shared) landmark event of the year.

The Reef Teach team are all highly qualified marine biologists (post-graduate qualified) researching and communicating about the GBR on a daily basis, our talk will give you a comprehensive guided tour around the reef in 2 hours. All full time staff are also Master Reef Guides.

We want your participants to leave the Reef Teach Talk not only better informed about the GBR, but also more relaxed, comfortable and well prepared to appreciate the wonders of the GBR.

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Individual & Family Bookings:
Unfortunately due to the impact of Covid-19, Reef Teach can longer offer individual, family or small group bookings less than 21 people.

Bookings For Talks Held At Reef Teach
Seating limited to 60 visitors, other locations and remote deliveries may accomodate more attendees.

Days & Duration

Delivery At Reef Teach Premises

  • Duration : 2 - 2.5 Hours
  • Monday to Friday
  • Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Reef Teach Schools Program
Education Program

Life As A Marine Biologist

In addition to our Reef Teach Talk, learn what it takes to become a Marine Biologist with our "Life As A Marine Biologist" talk for educational groups. This 20-30 minute talk introduces primary, secondary, senior school and tertiary students to Marine Biology, research and conservation as a potential future career path.

* Presenters & presentation content may change depending on availability and season

Proceeds of ticket sales go towards funding our research – Thank you for helping.

Please provide the group organisers details below and a Reef Teach representative will contact you to discuss your groups requirements.
Please also include your international country code
Smaller groups can be catered for, but a minimum group fee will be applied.
This talk introduces Marine Biology, research and conservation to primary, secondary and senior school students as a potential future career path.

What You Can Expect

Reef Teach marine biologists are not only great coral reef scientists but are highly skilled and experienced presenters; all full-time staff are also qualified Master Reef Guides.

They use storytelling, humour and engagement mixed with their deep reef ecology knowledge and understanding to share the GBR and its inhabitants story with you. The GBR is so diverse there is no way that every element can be spoken about, but you are more than welcome to ask questions throughout the talk – in fact we encourage it. We even give you Reef Teach’s contact details so that you can continue to ask questions for the rest of your life. Once you have been to Reef Teach you have your own marine biologist for life.

By the end of an evening at Reef Teach, you’ll know what corals actually are and how they have made the GBR – you will be surprised. You will know about animals you did not even know existed plus their stories – often verging on science fiction. You will know the truth about the future of the GBR and its current situation.

When you get to the reef, you’ll be thrilled by the amount of life you will actually see and what you know. Like;

  • Common fish and other animals
  • Cleaning stations
  • Corals and their algae
  • Nemo and his dad!

During the presentations you will also learn about some of the threats to coral reefs, both natural and caused by humans, such as Crown-of-Thorns sea stars, coral bleaching, and marine debris, and discover heartbreaking facts about man’s disregard for this extraordinary underwater environment.

Your Very Own
Marine Biologist

All Reef Teach presenters are our own active Marine Biologists, all stories are based on true events with no fisherman's tales or exaggerations...

Although we take our subject very seriously, at Reef Teach we generally don't take ourselves too seriously. Whilst learning about some the best secrets and fascinating topics of the Great Barrier Reef, our presenters also expose the lighter-side of Marine Biology with their personal stories and tales of their experiences on the reef.

Our marine biologists and conservationists are happy to answer your questions about marine life, photography, snorkeling and diving, etc.

We encourage all visitors to The Great Barrier Reef to follow eco-tourism guidelines and “take only pictures and memories, and leave only bubbles”!

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Acknowledgement Of Country
Reef Teach acknowledges, recognises and respects the Elders, families and forebears of the the Bama Peoples – the Aboriginal rainforest people who are traditional custodians/owners of the lands that cover our region. We also acknowledge, recognise and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region and the Great Barrier Reef their home.