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Advanced Reef Teach

Reef Naturalist Program

A more in-depth seminar than the Reef Teach Talk and designed for those that wish to gain a better understanding of specific topics effecting the Great Barrier Reef and it's marine life.

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Learn How The Reef Works Together

Advanced Reef Teach Course

The Advanced Reef Teach course offers a full day program focusing on fewer topics than the Evening Reef Teach Talk, but covering them in greater detail.

Learn about the diversity of the reef, including some of the reefs best kept secrets, fascinating interactions between organisms and how science and management programs are making sure they are going to be here for many years to come.

The Advanced Reef Teach program has been designed to satisfy the most inquisitive and enquiring minds looking for more than just an overview of the reef, it's inhabitants, the threats it faces in the future and what can be done to assist in it's recovery and subsequent management.

You won't find the topics discussed, answers you get or this level of information in any text book or documentary, Reef Teach presents up to date, real life information and subjects actually experienced by marine biologists that are actively working on the reef today.

Topics Covered On
The Advanced Course

Module One

Marine Park Management

This module aims to familiarise participants with how the 3rd largest marine park & World Heritage listed site is managed, giving insights in to how the GBRMP maintains it's universal value and the environmental best practices and integrated management techniques in use.

Module Two

Diversity Of The Reef

The major organism groups found on the Great Barrier Reef are discussed, broadly covering what coral reefs are, the marine mammals found on the GBR and how each unique ecosystem interact and rely on each other.

Module Three

Species Encounters

An exploration of the multitude of species groups found on the reef, from corals through to mammals and how their lives relate and inter-operate to be successful. You will also be introduced to many of the "Hidden Secrets" of many little known flora and fauna.

Module Four - Option 1

Conservation Messaging

We share our experience and knowledge for best practice methods of engaging with, and delivering conservation knowledge and messages to the public in the most effective manner whilst maintaining a simple "nature guide" approach.

Module Four - Option 2

Eye On The Reef

A focussed introduction to the challenges of Health Monitoring and Assessment of a Reef as large as the GBR and utilising the Eye On The Reef data collection program, an initiative of the Great Barrier Reef Park Authority bringing the management, researchers and public together.

Seminar Cost

A$100.00 per person

Group Size

Minimum 10-15

Advanced Reef Teach courses are schduled as required to suit your needs and timeframe.

Contact Reef Teach to discuss your specific requirements and schedule your Advanced Reef Teach course.

What You Can Expect

Advanced Reef Teach courses are limited to small groups of 10-15 participants, providing plenty of opportunity for detailed discussion and questions, giving participants the chance to take full advantage of our time, knowledge and experience.

  • 2x 3-4 hour sessions of dedicated time with a Reef Teach Marine Biologist
  • Structured discussion and presentations with a well defined topic agenda
  • Insider information and current research data sharing from the people doing the studies
  • A deeper understanding of what it takes to participate in a large-scale world renound monitoring and management program
  • Become privy to little, or unknown facts about the Great Barrier Reef and it's resident marine inhabitants, flora and fauna

Your Very Own
Marine Biologist

Reef Teach, our Marine Biologists and researchers are amongst the most passionate and active organisations the reef, find out what is being done to preserve the reef for future generations.

With more information, comes more questions and a greater understanding, you'll be spending time with just the right people to be able answer your questions, or if not give you the tools and skills to start finding out for yourself.

Our marine biologists and conservationists only ever see opportunities that lay ahead or the potentially to discover something new and are always happy to answer your questions about life on the reef.

We encourage all visitors to The Great Barrier Reef to follow eco-tourism guidelines and “take only pictures and memories, and leave only bubbles”!

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Acknowledgement Of Country
Reef Teach acknowledges, recognises and respects the Elders, families and forebears of the the Bama Peoples – the Aboriginal rainforest people who are traditional custodians/owners of the lands that cover our region. We also acknowledge, recognise and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region and the Great Barrier Reef their home.