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Marine Discoveries Internships

There's absolutely no better way to positively contribute and effect a huge change to the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef than becoming part of it! Become a Marine discoverer today.

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A Marine Discoverer

Late in 2016 Reef Teach owners committed more resources and effort to research and education. As part of that commitment Reef Teach launched it’s Marine Discoveries Internship which is designed to be a one-stop research, education and conservation experience. You can be a part of this exciting program and do your part in helping us preserve and protect the Great Barrier Reef.

The MDI Internship runs for 2 or 4 weeks and activities are Monday to Friday leaving weekends free for you to explore the beauty of Tropical North Queensland.
  • No Previous Experience Required - We, as marine biologists, will train you in reef ecology and reef survey techniques together with accompanying you to the GBR during data collection trips, education and conservation events.
  • Moderate To Good Swimmers - A large amount of the monitoring and data collection is completed by snorkeling, we prefer swimmers capable of completing a minimum of 50m unaided.
  • Minimum 18 Years Of Age - Due to the nature of many of the activities and working off-shore, we unfortunately have to set this age limit.
  • Who Is This For - Anyone interested in volunteer holidays, taking a gap year, on study breaks, travelling Australia or Marine Science/Biology students looking for some practical field experience.
So if you want to do your part for the GBR, help us do our part, become a Marine Discoverer on the GBR.

Intern Program Overview

The Marine Discoveries Internship (MDI) is a multi-faceted internship program aimed to increase the amount of research, education and conservation on the Great Barrier Reef.

This is a paid for program which enables the projects to be self-funded. Having this financial independence allows us the freedom to run projects that are important and that will have meaningful impact on the GBR. It also gives us the ability to run all year round, and so enabling us to achieve our commitment of producing more research, education and conservation.

The MDI is not only designed to help raise valuable funds and man power for our projects, but is also designed to educate its participants to a much higher level than those heading out to the GBR for the day.

During your internship we will train you in reef ecology and reef survey techniques. A vital part of your internship is heading to the reef to collect data and you will be with one of our marine biologists both in and out of the water every day.

  • Activities And Duties

    The program runs for 2 or 4 weeks, longer stays can be accommodated, and activities are Monday to Friday leaving weekends free for you to explore the beauty of Tropical North Queensland.

    • Reef Ecology training
    • In water Reef monitoring data collection
    • Data input and interpretation
    • Reef education projects(3)
    • Community engagement projects(3)
    Program Inclusions
    • Accommodation for the duration of your stay (2 or 4 weeks)
    • Transport to and from accommodation and Reef Teach
    • All Reef trips (up to 7 Reef Trips)(1)
    • All snorkelling equipment
    • All equipment and resources necessary to perform duties
    • Breakfast everyday (light continental which includes cereal, toast, tea, coffee)
    • Lunch on the days you go to sea(2)
    • Reef ecology training – dry and in water
    • Reef Teach T-shirt
    • Internet
    Program Exclusions
    • Flights to and from Cairns
    • Meals not mentioned above, self catering facilities are available(2)
    • Weekend transport, entertainment or activities
    • Dive courses (courses can be arranged and charged separately)
    • Travel insurance

    (1) Reef trips are dependent on weather and availability. No refunds for less or no reef trips beyond the control of Reef Teach management and staff.
    (2) Dietary requirements will be catered for as far as reasonable. Please inform Reef Teach management of any dietary requirement prior to arrival.
    (3) Not all these projects are covered in every 2 or 4 week program. Volunteers may only work on a few areas as some of these programs are seasonal.

  • What You'll Be Doing

    There are many different projects on the go and in the development stage and you will be a crucial part of this. With our MDI participants, we are able to perform more of these projects and carry out surveys more frequently.

    You will be participating in projects supported by the following organisations.

    Australian Institute of Marine Science
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
    Australian Institute of Marine Science

    Sightings Data Collection

    Identifying, mapping and documenting sightings of a variety of marine wildlife species for inclusion in the "Eye On The Reef" Sightings Network program.

    Reef Health Monitoring

    Monitor coral cover and indicator species at local reef sites through repeated surveys and provide a look at reef health at less frequently visited sites.

    Education Program Support

    Designing and creating educational resources and programs. Engaging with school and university education and conservation programs run by Reef Teach.

    Computer Data Entry

    Collection and collation of data for entry into various databases both national and worldwide. Analysis of data for publication in multiple forms.

  • Program Dates & Cost

    The Marine Discoveries Internship is a 2 or 4 week program that starts the first Monday of the month. Both the 2 and the 4 week program start on the same date. We currently can accommodate up to 12 participants per program.

    • 7th February 2022
    • 7th March 2022
    • 4th April 2022
    • 2nd May 2022
    • 6th June 2022
    • 4th July 2022
    • 1st August 2022
    • 5th September 2022
    • 3rd October 2022
    • 7th November 2022
    • 5th December 2022
      (3 Week program only)

    Participant Cost

    2 Weeks
    per week
    4 Weeks
    per week

    Note: Program fee's are stated in Australian Dollars (AUD/A$) and are quoted Per Week.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest in becoming a Reef Teach Marine Discovery Program Intern. One of our Program Managers will contact you to discuss your enquiry in further detail.
Please include any required prefixes & international codes
You must meet our minimum requirements before we can accept any registration for the Reef Teach Internship Program.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Reef Teach is a privately run organisation that has been operating since 1992 with no additional funding, up until 2019. Reef Teach, has this year (2019) been awarded a small grant to help with the research, but it only contributed a fraction of what is needed to run the research, and has only been awarded to help one of our research projects and not all of them. All other funds are raised from this MDI program and Reef Teach’s educational programs, such as the reef talks and our Reef Naturalist Programs.

Having this financial freedom allows us to focus more time and focus on more meaningful research and projects that will contribute the most to the management and understanding of the GBR. Without your participation Reef Teach will not be able to fulfil its commitment of producing more research, education and conservation.

The MDI can only be successful with interns help, through both the time and skills that you bring and the funding that we raise through your fee. 100% of your project cost goes back into Reef Teach. Your fee covers your accommodation and sea time but the majority goes towards the research, education and conservation project costs, and of course, helping us eat occasionally!

Acknowledgement Of Country
Reef Teach acknowledges, recognises and respects the Elders, families and forebears of the the Bama Peoples – the Aboriginal rainforest people who are traditional custodians/owners of the lands that cover our region. We also acknowledge, recognise and respect other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who call our region and the Great Barrier Reef their home.